24973049_s.jpgA warm welcome to the with you counselling web pages.

You may well be looking at this website because you are thinking that you or someone you care about might benefit from counselling.

Counselling can be of help in resolving feelings, thoughts and/or behaviours which you can see are negatively affecting you, your life and/or relationships.  It can also help in supporting you in impactful life events such as bereavement or making a difficult decision.

My aim is to work with you by providing a stress-free, relaxed environment where my clients are free to say and explore what they want, without fear of being judged.

The foundation of the counselling I offer is the Person Centred Approach.

Person Centred counselling views the client as the expert in what is hurting them and so I do not make diagnoses.  However, I do not work with clients who have diagnosed severe psychoses.

The sessions are client led i.e. it is the client who chooses what they want to talk about and when to talk about it.

I offer face to face counselling and via Zoom, Teams, Skype and WhatsApp. For my Covid protocols, please see the FAQ page.

I work with clients of all ethnicities, sexual orientations, faiths (or none) and aged 18 years old or above. 

I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to their ethical principles and guidelines e.g. regarding confidentiality or supervision.

Vision of peace

As I breathed the crystal air that hung around me like a cloak,
As sure as destiny I turned around and then he spoke.
“Have you ever seen the purity of a spirit soaring high?
Remember then that lions guard the gateway to the sky.”

He led me to a place where I could sit upon a star,
And so I gazed at infinity, with awe that flew me far.
He said, “Remember child, the memories of another day –
But lions hold the key, so they lie still locked away.”

The ways of sunlight washed over me; …body, soul and mind.
“Only truth, my dear, or lack of it, lie between peace and all mankind.”
He whispered, “The peace is in your soul, sweet love, just overcome your fear.
Once the lions have been banished, everything will become clear.”

Hanna Heys